Unlock Your Child's Potential:
Hyper-Personalized Career Tools for Gen Z and Alpha Learners

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At Teach Kids Careers, we’re pioneering the future of career education with hyper-personalized career tools, interactive animated lessons, and skills-based quizzes. Designed specifically for Gen Z and Gen Alpha learners, our platform prepares your child to lead in a rapidly evolving world.

For ages 13+

Where Every Child's Career Journey Begins

Crafted to spark curiosity and sustain it through actionable knowledge, our platform is a springboard into industries where young minds will not just participate but lead and transform. With tools that are as diverse as they are, we're nurturing problem-solvers, community shapers, and visionary thinkers.
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Your child's future starts with a single click.

Personalized Career Tools

High-Growth Career Paths

In-Demand Skills

Chart Your Child's Path: Career Play & Learn

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Step into their future with confidence. Our interactive courses are designed to unveil your child's strengths and passions, equipping them with not just knowledge, but a vision for their career. From exploratory activities to quizzes that challenge and inspire – every step is a building block towards a future they can look forward to. Join us and watch them grow into their potential, one exciting lesson at a time.

Tools to Ignite Their Creativity While Preparing Them for a Better Future.

Anytime courses include animated stories, activities, quizzes, and more.

Animated Stories

Unlock your child's potential through the enchanting career adventures in our animated stories, where they'll discover the steps to starting a business or becoming a scientist, all woven into captivating animations.

Interactive Activities

Is your child passionate about cars or video games? Learn about the role of an Automotive Engineer and the path to becoming a Game Developer through engaging, interactive career exploration activities for kids.


Elevate your educational experience, whether at home or in a school setting, by incorporating our engaging, video-based career quizzes into your curriculum. These interactive tools are designed to complement and enhance learning, offering a dynamic approach to career exploration.

Courses and Lessons for Your Child's Career Journey

Why Should You Sign Up for Teach Kids Careers?

Teach Kids Careers gives the next generation a head start by introducing them to exciting, future-focused careers! Our innovative courses help students explore and understand their full potential.
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Why is Early Career Education Important?

At Teach Kids Careers, we're here to help your child explore exciting career possibilities and unlock their full potential. We believe that early-career education is essential in shaping a bright future for your child. By introducing your child to different professions and industries, we open their eyes to a world of opportunities. Our goal is to inspire curiosity, encourage their passions, and empower them with the knowledge and skills needed for success.

We understand that as a parent, you want the best for your child's future. That's why we're committed to providing a supportive environment where your child can discover their interests, gain confidence, and make informed choices about their educational journey. Join Teach Kids Careers today and let's ignite your child's imagination, nurture their dreams, and pave the way for a future full of possibilities. Together, we'll help your child explore their potential and build a solid foundation for their career path.

A Simple and Powerful Curriculum

The Teach Kids Careers curriculum, taught at home or in partnership with educators, schools, and companies, is designed to empower kids with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in high-demand careers. Our hands-on curriculum ignites kids' interests, equips them with essential skills, and blazes a path to growth and opportunity.

Discover & learn

Dive into the 'Learn' section to discover the basics of engineering, law, business, entertainment, and more. This area introduces children to the essentials of various career paths, sparking curiosity and laying the foundation for future exploration.

Dig deeper & level-up

The 'Level-Up' section offers challenging lessons for kids ready to delve deeper into their career interests. It encourages advanced learning and skill enhancement, focusing on the complexities of professional roles. This is where curiosity evolves into expertise, setting the stage for future success.

Build skills & lead

Is your child ready to lead in their future career and life? Our 'Lead' section not only teaches them about leadership but also equips them with essential skills to set a positive example in both their professional and personal journeys.

Learn from top mentors

Unlock your child's potential by providing them with the opportunity to learn from real career leaders at Teach Kids Careers, guiding them towards a future of success and fulfillment.

Welcome to Our Growing Community of Families Nationwide

Every day, new families like yours are joining our vibrant and inclusive community at Teach Kids Careers. We are thrilled to have you on board as we collectively embark on an exciting journey of learning and exploration. Our community brings together families from all corners of the country, united by a shared commitment to providing the best opportunities for our children's future. Here, you'll have the chance to connect, share experiences, and learn from one another, creating a supportive network of like-minded parents.

Our Families Love Us

I've been on the lookout for something exactly like this, and I have say, I'm impressed! We're planning to start using it soon and keep it in our toolkit as the kids get older. It's awesome to think about all the ways it can grow and change to fit their needs over time. Really excited to see where you take it next. Great job, and we're looking forward to being part of the journey.
Thank you for starting Teach Kids Careers. Growing up with parents who were small business owners taught me that nothing comes without cost, and this platform will be a valuable resource for my kids. We value this opportunity.
allen, TX
Discovering Teach Kids Careers was an eye-opener to the possibilities of career education. This platform isn't just teaching children about jobs; it's inspiring them to explore their potential and dream big. It's an essential tool for parents and educators wanting to guide their children towards fulfilling futures.