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Career Sampler

The "Career Sampler" offers the first lesson of all 14 high-value career courses, allowing learners to explore various fields.
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About the course

You will learn about a wide range of career fields, including Engineering & Technology, Business & Finance, Healthcare, Media & Communications, Professional Sports, and more. You will gain a glimpse into the first lesson of each module, which will provide an introduction to the skills and knowledge required for success in each field. By exploring various career paths, the student will be able to find the one that best aligns with their interests and strengths.

Career exploration

Our sampler allows allows children and families to gain insight into various career fields and discover potential career paths.

Skill insight

Gain introductory knowledge of the specific skills required for success in different career fields, such as engineering and media & communications.

Prepare for more

Get prepared to succeed in full career courses with the Unlimited Plan, including 100+ more lessons for specific jobs, skills, and test prep.

Course Lessons

John Davis

Dr. John Davis has more than 15 years of experience in the educational and medical world. He has participated in the development of training programs for the pharmaceutical industry, the dermatology industry and the general medicine, seeking the purpose of achieving the best possible course materials for his students and challenging institutions to change the way they incorporate new knowledge.