Healthcare Revolutionaries & Medical Innovators

After Ethan takes a tumble in the woods and Ava comes to the rescue, they both begin to explore their curiosity for the human body and the healthcare field! Join them on an exciting journey into the health and medical field. Learn about the different types of healthcare jobs and discover your own interests and skills in this fun and interactive lesson.
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Animated Videos

10 Episodes

Lesson Plans

5-10 Hours


10 Handouts, 1 eBook


10 Short Quizzes

About the course

Looking for an exciting and engaging way to introduce your students to the world of healthcare careers? Our lesson based on the journey of Ethan and Ava, two curious teens fascinated by the human body, will take your students on a fun and educational adventure they won't forget!

Animated stories

Our animated stories help kids will gain practical skills and a deep understanding of the different career paths in health and medicine.

Weekly lessons

Take charge of your child's education by utilizing weekly lesson plans that are straightforward and suitable for all levels and ages.

Your own pace

Children and families now have the chance to investigate health and medical career paths at their own pace, whether it be a quick overview or a full immersion.

What you'll need at home:

whiteboard or flip-chart & eraser
(dry-erase & regular)
paper & pen/pencils
excited learners

Course Lessons