We partner with families, companies, and educators to offer the best career education for kids.

Our team has 40 years of combined experience, empowering parents, at-home educators, and school districts to give their children a brighter future. By choosing us, you'll have the tools and resources to support your child from start to finish in their career education journey.

Easy & fun for everyone

We provide a modern, easy to use platform to educate at your convenience. Watch animated videos, download lesson plans, and take quizzes with ease.

Empowering kids & families

Teach Kids Careers empowers kids and families by providing them with valuable information and resources to explore a wide range of career paths and make informed decisions about their future.

Cutting-edge curriculum

We stay on the cutting edge of career education to ensure that you can prepare your child for the future and build the skills they need to succeed.
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Our mission

Our mission is to equip parents, educators, corporate partners, and school districts with the tools and resources necessary to provide their children with comprehensive career education, paving the way for a brighter future.
what we believe

Our values

Future success

We focus on high-demand industries that offer your children clear pathways to success without excessive debt, regardless of college education.

Individual responsibility

We value personal responsibility, self-discipline, and individual initiative to prepare your children for successful careers.

Practical skills

We develop practical skills that can lead to immediate employment in trades such as plumbing or vocational skills for accounting.


We believe in the importance of free enterprise and the value of businesses, large and small, in driving economic growth and job creation.

Work ethic

We emphasize hard work, perseverance, and dedication for kids who will become our workforce and our future: successful young men and women.


We believe that respect for authority and experience, combined with professional communication skills, can help kids build a future.

Our Founder

Matt Pohl, the visionary behind Teach Kids Careers, brings nearly two decades of rich experience from the education sector, including roles in college admissions, career advising, and executive recruitment. Identifying a gap in hands-on career exploration for young learners, Matt established Teach Kids Careers to offer children impactful experiences that shape their future choices. By forging strategic partnerships across the business and educational landscapes, he dedicates himself to delivering engaging career experiences to children, illuminating the link between their education and potential career paths.
At Teach Kids Careers, we hold the profound responsibility of being the starting point for every child's career journey, lighting the path to their future.

Matt Pohl

Founder, Teach Kids Careers