Engineering & Tech Pioneers

Join an immersive adventure into the world of engineering and technology with "Tech Innovators & Engineering Pioneers." Animated characters lead young minds through a series of engaging lessons, sparking curiosity and equipping them with the knowledge to forge the groundbreaking inventions of tomorrow.
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Lesson Time

20-30 Minutes
Bite-sized lessons designed to maximize learning without overwhelming.


10 Lessons
Diverse topics from robotics to eco-engineering, covering an array of engineering fields.


10 Interactive Activities
Practical hands-on activities that reinforce concepts and inspire creativity.

Total Time

6 hours
Engaging and comprehensive, this course fits a busy schedule.

About the course

Immerse in the diversity of engineering with "Tech Innovators & Engineering Pioneers," covering domains from software to civil engineering. Designed for adaptability and inclusivity, the course offers a glimpse into engineering’s impact on our world and the role of innovation in shaping the future. Suitable for a broad age range, it provides a self-paced learning experience brimming with interactive content.

Animated Videos

Engaging narratives with characters like Alex, Ashley, and Clara that explain engineering principles through storytelling.

Anytime Lessons

Flexible, on-demand lessons allow learning at a pace that suits each student’s schedule and educational level.

Self-Paced Learning

Explore engineering careers at your own pace with self-directed learning, featuring activities from car engineering to coding basics.