Engineering & Technology

Embark on a thrilling journey through the fascinating world of engineering and technology as animated characters guide young minds, igniting their curiosity and empowering them to create the extraordinary inventions of tomorrow!
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Animated Stories

10 Episodes

10 Lessons

5-10 Hours

10 Activities

10 Handouts, 1 eBook

10 Assessments

10 Assessments

About the course

Explore the exciting world of technology and learn about the various in-demand career paths in engineering including software engineering, web development, data science and more. Start your child's journey to a fulfilling and cutting-edge career. Courses can be taught to all ages, kindergarten and over.

Animated stories

Our animated stories help kids will gain practical skills and a deep understanding of the different career paths in engineering.

Weekly Lessons

Take charge of your child's education by utilizing weekly lesson plans that are straightforward and suitable for all levels and ages.

Your Own Pace

Children and families now have the chance to investigate engineering career paths at their own pace, whether it be a quick overview or a full immersion.

What you'll need at home:

whiteboard & eraser
paper/writing utensils
(dry-erase & regular)
excited learners