Energy Innovators & Sustainability Heroes

Get ready for a wild adventure into the world of energy careers! This is an electrifying course designed just for kids to discover the many amazing career paths waiting for you in the energy industry. Learn how to keep our homes and communities powered up and running smoothly.
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Animated Videos

10 Episodes

Lesson Plans

5-10 Hours


10 Handouts


10 Quizzes, 50 Questions

About the course

Energy is the power of our future. Kids have the chance to discover a world of fascinating energy possibilities, from traditional sources and renewables to cutting-edge innovations. Inspiring opportunities await in this ever-evolving industry!

Career preparation

Introducing kids to energy careers early on can help them make informed decisions about their future and start preparing for the jobs they may want to pursue.

Energy importance

Learning more about energy careers can help children understand the significance and role of energy in our daily lives and the world.

At your own pace

With the flexibility to learn at your own pace, you can take control of your education and progress at a speed that suits you best.

What you'll need at home:

Whiteboard or flip-chart & eraser
(dry-erase & regular)
paper & pen/pencils
poster board
glue or tape
& scissors
excited learners

Course Lessons