Public Servants & Civic Leaders

Meet Jake, a young man who dreams of becoming the next mayor of his town. Follow his journey through the exciting world of government and public service careers as he learns about the many different roles that keep our communities safe and secure, and prepares to become a successful leader in his community.
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Animated Videos

10 Episodes

Lesson Plans

5-10 Hours


10 Handouts, 1 eBook


10 Quizzes, 50 Questions

About the course

Our comprehensive course is designed to introduce elementary, middle, and high school students to the exciting world of public service, including the many different careers that help keep our communities safe and secure. Through fun, interactive lessons and engaging quizzes, students will learn the importance of relationships, advocacy, and qualifications needed to pursue a career in public service.

Dynamic storytelling

Our engaging animated video characters will spark your child's curiosity and inspire them to explore the world of career possibilities in public service.

Effective planning

Through our comprehensive lesson plans, parents and educators can guide children on a path to discover their passion in public service.

Anytime learning

Learn at your own pace and at any time, making career education accessible and convenient. Acquire new skills and knowledge day or night.

What you'll need at home:

Whiteboard & Eraser
paper & pencils/pens
(dry-erase & regular)
scissors & glue
excited learners

Course Lessons